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Japan Colocation Buyers Guide

In order to support one of the largest economies in the world, there are dozens of data centers providing various colocation services throughout Japan. The level of security, quality of facilities, and availability of support are constantly increasing, and with a small area, Japan can provide stable, low-latency connections for its domestic networks.

For many Japanese companies, choosing from the wealth of data center colocation providers in Japan is as simple as reviewing the costs, locations, or additional services provided. However, there are some crutial things for foreign companies to consider when deciding on a data center colocation service. We`ve put together a short list that we hope will assist you in finding the best solution for your needs.

1.English Support
It may come as a shock, but English support is hard to come by in Japan, especially when it comes to technical support around the clock. As long as you don`t have engineers on the ground in Japan, you will need to rely on the data center colocation`s onsite services to fulfill your needs or solve your problems. You may also want to communicate with your engineer while they are carrying out your assignment. If you need to communicate in English, you will need to find a data center that provides English technical support 24/7.

2.Network Latency
Who will access your systems/applications and where from? If you need to send and receive data out of Japan, network latency is an important thing to consider when trying to meet your client`s expectations.

3.Logistics Support
Make sure that your data center colocation provider is well equipped to handle your overseas shipping needs. Not only should they be able to receive your shipments and safely store them, but they should also be able to support outbound shipping, including RMA`s (return merchandise authorization). Assistance in the importing and exporting process will also be helpful, as problems can periodically arise.

4.Local Service
Besides a data center or colocation, what are some of your other needs? You might need a local circuit, a phone line, or just a LAN cable. Your data center should have a deep knowledge of the local market and the ability to act on your behalf.

Good partnerships are the foundation to success in the global market. Finding a partner that you can rely on for the long term is paramount. Make sure your data center colocation partner has the ability to grow with you as you expand, providing support and solutions along the way.

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Director, Sales & Marketing
Shinsuke Nakamura



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