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Connect your business, the smart way.

Whether you are delivering content over the web or bridging an intercontinental closed network, INAP Japan provides unmatched performance, and customizability to give your business the edge to stay ahead.

Available at your office or Data Center. INAP POP located at Equinix, Colt and NTT Data Centers.

Performance IP™
(Internet Connectivity)

INAP's Performance IP™ service helps reduce latency and improve network consistency to your connectivity by combining multiple carrier backbones and real-time route optimization that leverages Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ technology.

MIRO enhances the Internet’s default routing rule system, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), by dynamically evaluating a broader set of performance factors across a massively diverse set of possible paths.

The Performance IP™ is IPv4 and IPv6 compatible to future-proof IP deployments.

Why can't other carriers/ISPs match the performance of our IP service?

Reduced Latency
35 milliseconds less latency per packet round trip time, on average, compared with sub-optimal carriers/ISPs routes.

>99% of routes chosen by MIRO deemed best path compared with 29% chosen by BGP alone. MIRO-enhanced BGP to consider additional factors to find the fastest path, including latency, jitter and service-degrading brown and black outs.
More Consistency
Nearly four times less latency variability than stand-alone carriers or self-managed IP “blends”.
Direct access to multiple ISP backbones to give unmatched reliability and reduce the risk of network outages.

Fail-safe network features including end-to-end N+1 design, hot swappable spares, and comprehensive monitoring via two geographically-dispersed network operations centers.
Better Service Level Guarantees
Proactive monitoring, alerting and crediting for network issues.
An industry-leading SLA that supports:
100% network availability
Less than 150ms latency between Japan and the US
Less than 325ms latency between Japan and Europe
Under 1% of packet loss between Japan and the US, and between Japan and Europe
Managed Internet Route Optimizer™
INAP's patented Internet route optimization technology, Managed Internet Route Optimizer™, enhances Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) by dynamically evaluating path characteristics including latency, packet loss and route stability to select the best route to any given destination, resulting in low latency, high availability and accelerated application performance.
Improving on BGP
  • Evaluates factors beyond BGP rules to find the fastest path and help avoid latency, jitter and application-impacting events.
  • Dynamically modifies BGP decisions by evaluating performance factors to select the best route to any given destination.
  • Reduces traffic latency by 44% compared with native BGP.
Dynamic Optimization
  • Thousands of traffic optimizations per customer per hour maximize the performance of public Internet routes.
  • Redundant, high-speed connections to major Internet backbones provide unmatched reliability and reduce the risk of network outages.
  • Advanced analytics continuously adapt to changing network conditions so data reaches the end users faster and more consistently.
Comprehensive Visibility and Support
  • IPv4 and IPv6 compatibility to future-proof IP deployments.
  • Full network transparency allows for identification and correction of issues before they impact performance.
  • Performance and usage metrics provide additional operational insight.
Remote Connectivity IP Service
Remote Connectivity IP service is ideal for customers that need a guaranteed or shared bandwidth Internet circuit at their office or data center.
Along with INAP`s route optimization technology, customers are able to get the best performance & availability at any location. This is suitable for cloud access, Internet VPN as well as key business operations such as web services and E-mail.
Shadow Service (Redundant Internet Service)
Shadow service (Redundant Internet service) is ideal for customers that need stable and reliable Internet connectivity at their office or data center. By providing both an active primary and shadow Internet circuit, we deliver our Performance IP to your office or data center with no single point. In case of any trouble or failure on the primary circuit, your traffic will automatically switch to the shadow circuit immediately so you can sustain Internet connectivity, providing trustworthy service for both you and your clients.
Colocation IP Service
The Colocation IP service is for customers that have a rack in the same datacenter as our POPs. Along with INAP`s route optimization technology, customers are able to get the best performance & availability. This is suitable for web applications, data transfer or business use, such as IP transit for your Cloud service.
Bandwidth Options
Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
The story behind the rise in Guaranteed Bandwidth with Internet in Japan.
【Flat Rate】 3Mbps~10Gbps
【Usage Base Rate (95% rule adopted)】 3Mbps~10Gbps
Service Options
Global IP Address
Customized ACL
DNS Management
Managed Router

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