Expereo Optimizes Backbone Connectivity for their I-VPN and Managed ISP Services.


URL : http://www.expereo.com/
Business Challenge
For Expereo, provider of I-VPN, Dedicated and Broadband Internet Access for Carriers, Integrators and Cloud Providers, providing fast and reliable Internet routing performance to its end-users is crucial. With an obligation to guarantee low latency, packet loss, and high uptime, Expereo needed a service provider that could meet their performance and service level demands.
Expereo uses INAP Japan's route-optimized Performance IP™ Connectivity
Reduced Latency
35 milliseconds less latency per packet round trip time, on average, compared with sub-optimal carrier routes.
>99% of routes chosen by MIRO deemed best path compared with 29% chosen by BGP alone.
MIRO-enhanced BGP to consider additional factors to find the fastest path, including latency, jitter and service-degrading brown and black outs.
More Consistency
Nearly four times less latency variability than stand-alone carriers or self-managed IP “blends”.
Direct access to multiple ISP backbones to give unmatched reliability and reduce the risk of network outages.
Fail-safe network features including end-to-end N+1 design, hot swappable spares, and comprehensive monitoring via two geographically-dispersed network operations centers.
Better Service Level Guarantees
Proactive monitoring, alerting and crediting for network issues.
  • An industry-leading SLA that supports:
  • Above industry standard network availability
Low latencies and under 1% of packet loss between Japan – US and Japan and Europe
“We are deploying more and more managed WiFi, Hybrid and Cloud Access solutions for our customers. Our partnership with INAP supports us in optimized services for this Cloud connectivity."
Sander Barens
Global Head of Carrier Relations, Expereo International

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